FCS Design was founded in October of 2007 under the name First Call Services LLC by Charles and Samantha Green. The purpose of the company was to assist CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier’s) with fiber network design, permitting, drafting, consulting and inspection services, enabling these companies to expedite their fiber build projects. As our client base grew so did the company. We were ever evolving to meet all of our clients’ needs, adding new services such as fiber splicing and fiber construction to our resume’. These services forced us to relocate to Madison Tennessee in early 2010. After a few years as a “turnkey” design and construction company, FCS decided to focus solely on our area of expertise. In mid-2012 the company went back to strictly Fiber Design, Utility Permitting, Drafting, Project Management, Node Design (Small Cell) and consulting to our entire customer base. This is also reflected to the name change to FCS design. 


Over the years FCS has grown many relationships in the industry with local and state agencies. We have worked as liaisons between our clients and agencies such as NES, MTEMC, Metro Public Works, and TDOT to name a few. We have designed fiber routes over the middle Tennessee, Western Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Kentucky areas for clients such as; Level 3 Communications, tw telecom, Xo communications, Windstream, City of Brentwood and Zayo communication. We have also assisted other engineering firms on make-ready planning and project management for city agencies such as City of Brentwood and Metro Davison County.  FCS has organized and headed up meetings between field resource groups and NES to try to streamline the application process with the power companies. Also, FCS has acted as point of contact for our clients on many TDOT relocation projects. 


FCS has become a leader in the area in communication attachment applications. We send our employees in rotation once a year to NESC training as one of our continuing education standards, to insure that we are up to date on all the safety guidelines and rules pertaining to communication attachments. We work hand in hand with all the local power companies to insure that any new processes are followed. These extra steps we have decided to take as a company, saves our clients valuable time and money that can be lost in rejections of applications. To date FCS has prepared and applied for several thousand poles to be attached to by our clients and has a zero rejection rate. That is a number we are extremely proud of. This number reflects the dedication to excellence from all of our team members.


In the ever changing field of telecommunications, FCS design continues to grow and change so that we adapt to today’s needs, and we continue working today to solve tomorrow’s challenges.